Implantable Lenses

Implantable contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative for individuals with moderate to severe nearsightedness who are tired of thick glasses and are not candidates for personalized LASIK. With over 18 years of use and 150,000 procedures performed worldwide, the lenses are an implant that gives your eye another focusing lens that provides high-quality, high-definition vision like a normal eye.

Implanting the lens is an outpatient procedure that takes around 15 to 30 minutes to perform. First, drops are placed in your eye in order to reduce the pupil size. Next, a local anesthetic is given to sedate the eye. The implantable contact lenses are then placed inside the eye. The small incision is closed with microscopic stitches that dissolve on their own. Lastly, a temporary shield will be placed over your eye to protect it during the time just after the procedure.


Visian ICL

The Visian ICL is a small, foldable lens that is placed inside the eye to improve focusing power. The lens is positioned behind the eye’s iris (the colored portion of the eye), where it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

One of the principle benefits of the Visian ICL over other implantable lenses is the material used to make it: Collamer®. Made primarily of collagen, Collamer is very compatible with the human body and extremely unlikely to cause adverse side effects.