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At Sutton Linder & Sutton, our highly-trained team of vision care professionals are committed to helping you achieve your best possible vision. LASIK offers more than just great vision—it can improve your quality of life. Our surgeons, Dr. Vince Sutton, Dr. Greg Sutton, Dr. Jordan Rixen and Dr. Samuel Thomsen, have performed more than 15,000 LASIK procedures since 1998. In addition to LASIK, our surgeons also offer cataract surgery, with options to help you achieve greater freedom from glasses and contact lenses after surgery.

Benefits of Vision Correction


Saves Money

While we understand LASIK is an investment, most patients will actually save money in the long run not having to purchase contact lenses and glasses.

Enhances Your

Enjoy freedom from glasses and contacts, the freedom to enjoy your favorite activities with minimal hassle and improved vision.

Saves Time

After laser vision correction you won’t spend as much time purchasing products, caring for contact lenses, or searching for your glasses.

Safe & Effective

Our excellent surgeons have performed thousands of laser vision correction procedures. You can ensure your vision is in good hands at Sutton Linder and Sutton.


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