Cataracts FAQ

Are both eyes operated on at the same time?
For safety reasons, cataract surgery is performed one eye at a time. The other eye is usually scheduled two-three weeks later.
When can I resume normal activities?
Most activities may be resumed the day after surgery as long as you are comfortable. Lifting weights, increasing activity level, and swimming should be avoided for two weeks.
Is cataract surgery safe?
Cataract surgery is a low-risk surgery, but there are some risks as with all surgery. Surgery is indicated when the inherent risks are outweighed by the potential improvement in vision.
Will I need glasses after surgery?
There are many factors that determine whether or not you will need glasses after surgery. Your surgeon will discuss with you if you are a candidate for any of our optional packages that can reduce your dependency on glasses.
How are Cataracts Removed?
The cloudy lens is first broken up into tiny fragments and then vacuumed out most commonly through a process called phacoemulsification which uses ultrasonic sound waves. Then a new lens is inserted through a tiny incision and rotated into place.
Can I get cataracts again?
Cataracts do not grow back on the new intraocular lens. There is a thin membrane inside of the eye that can become cloudy after cataract surgery which can affect the vision similarly to cataracts. This may occur months to years after surgery and is easily treated by a YAG laser to open the membrane restoring your vision once again.