Traditional LASIK can provide excellent results in correcting a wide range of common vision problems but Allegretto Wave® enhanced with IntraLase technology provides a new level of safety to personalized laser vision correction.

IntraLase™, the new and safer all-laser approach to LASIK, offers the highest degree of predictability and precision. This amazing technology provides a less invasive, computer-controlled approach to laser vision correction.

IntraLase utilizes the silent, computer-guided precision of a laser delivering micron-level accuracy more than 100 times greater than that of a traditional microkeratome.

IntraLase advantages include:

  • Improved safety
  • Improved night vision
  • Reduced dry eye symptoms
  • Reduced chance of a need for re-treatment

In clinical trials, eyes treated with IntraLase achieved superior vision compared to traditional LASIK.

Personalized LASIK enhanced with IntraLase allows Drs. Sutton, Linder and Sutton to develop a treatment plan completely customized to your eyes and your eyes alone. The result is a more precise LASIK procedure and crisper, clearer vision than ever before. Click here to learn more about personalized LASIK with Allegretto Wave.