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Raindrop – Corneal Inlays

The All-New Raindrop ® Near Vision Inlay Improves Near Vision So You Can Once Again See Fine Print, Menus and Your Phone Without the Hassle of Reading Glasses. Schedule your FREE consultation today by submitting the form below!

What is age-related loss of near vision?

Age-related loss of near vision, or presbyopia, happens when your natural lens loses elasticity, making it difficult to change your focus to see objects up close. Everyone will eventually experience presbyopia, making it difficult to perform daily activities, such as reading or looking at a cell phone without glasses.

The Raindrop Solution

Raindrop is a safe way to improve near vision. The tiny inlay, about the size of a pinhead, can be placed just beneath the surface of your eye in a 10-minute outpatient procedure. The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay has received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June of 2016, and has been available around the world for several years prior to approval in the US.

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Who qualifies for the Raindrop Inlay?

  • Patients with presbyopia who desire improved near and intermediate vision
  • No previous eye surgeries
  • 40-65 years of age with a very small or no prescription for distance
  • This is not recommended for patients with severe dry eye, uncontrolled glaucoma or uncontrolled diabetes

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